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Academic Mentoring in the 6th Form

We are extremely fortunate in the Sixth Form centre to have a wide range of support services designed to enable students to get the most out of the sixth form.

The transition from Year 11 to Year 12 is a very important milestone. From 9 or 10 subjects to 3 or 4 and from fully guided learning to more independent learning, it is a major change for all students. Alongside this, students in the sixth form have several hours per week within the school day to undertake private study and independent learning. Managing this time wisely and to their best advantage is a major learning point for most students.

We have two Academic Mentors – a post unique in the local area – who help and support all our students through this potentially tricky time and throughout the rest of their time with us.

Mrs Szabo and Mrs Arnold are very experienced teachers who have worked at every level in the education system for many years. They are able to quickly identify issues and have the experience, knowledge and strategies to help students to overcome barriers in their learning and academic development.

Students have used their mentor in a variety of ways:

  • Developing effective study skills
  • Making revision plans
  • Developing revision strategies
  • Specific subject or lesson support
  • Motivation and encouragement
  • Careers options discussed
  • University, Apprenticeship and Job applications
  • Writing CVs
  • Managing study periods effectively Stress management

If you have any questions about the work undertaken by our Mentors please do not hesitate to contact the Sixth Form Office where we will endeavour to help you.

Catherine Szabo:
Jackie Arnold:

Students, parents and staff have said:

“I feel that my organisation and focus has improved significantly by working with my mentor” -Yr 12 student


“I have found that since working with my mentor my time management and revision skills have improved massively”

– Yr 13 student


“Feedback from students has been very positive. They have appreciated help in creating revision timetables and developed a new range of revision techniques”

– Sixth form tutor


“All students in my group have said that the Academic Mentors have been a huge help! Thank you.”

– Sixth form teacher


“She has spent so much time revising – all thanks to your encouragement and motivation”

– Parent