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Exam Support

Revision is fundamental to successful exam preparation and achievement. Different people revise in different ways, but everyone needs to find a way of going back over previous learning to ensure it sticks so that it can be reproduced in a test or exam. Here's our advice on how make the most of your revision time.

  1. Start your revision early (months, not days before exams)
  2. Make sure that you have a suitable space to revise in at home, away from distractions 
  3. Place your mobile phone on silent and out of reach
  4. Set yourself small, achievable goals and tick them off when you have completed them
  5. Produce a revision timetable, focusing on key areas you need to revise 
  6. Make sure you have regular short breaks
  7. Mix it up - use a range of revision techniques 
  8. Once you have revised the content, have a go as a past exam question, using the mark scheme to self-assess

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