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Welcome to another edition of our online safety newsletter looking at the use of technology and how we can work together to keep our children safe. Thanks in part to National online Safety who provided the latest information.

What Parents & Carers need to know about MyLOL

MyLOL is a free social networking and dating site aimed at teens. Profiles can publicly display users' images and information, including sexual orientation and personal interests. The service bills itself as "the number one teen dating website in the world", the MyLOL app is no longer available from Google Play or the App Store, although the site is still active.

What are the risks?


Aimed at teens, there is no credible age verification to prevent younger children or adults from signing up to the platform.

Age Inappropriate Content.

MyLOL claims to monitor uploaded content. However, there have been numerous reports of explicit content being found on the platform. Including semi-nude pictures and sexually explicit conversations.

Potential Cyberbullying.

Users can vote for other people based on their appearance. This could lead to distress and ridicule via images being screen grabbed and shared on private messages.

Contact from strangers

The system encourages users to communicate with others in a private way. This allows adults to pose as children.

Advice for Parents


It's vital to talk to your child about the possible dangers of platforms like MyLOL — particularly the threat of online predators. Remind them of the risks of sharing intimate images and information with strangers and emphasise that most people don't realise they're being 'catfished' until it's too late — it really isn't wise for a young person to meet up with someone they've only spoken to online.


If your child has access to a bank card or other payment method, they may be enticed into signing up for MyLOL's premium features. Having 60, their profile is boosted, and receiving more attention could be especially tempting if their friends also use the site. You could consider altering their device's settings to disable internet purchases, or at the very least keeping an eye on their online spending.   


Before your child begins using a service such as MyLOL, it's important that they understand the potential pitfalls of giving out their personal data on this type of platform. Explain to them, for example, that they shouldn't divulge any personal identifying information to people who they don't know, as scammers can be quite convincing when attempting to steal someone's identity.


If you're worried that your child may be planning to meet up with someone they've met on MyLOL, you could consider utilising GPS or Wi-Fi location tracking technology to follow their whereabouts in real time. You can even set up a virtual boundary or 'fence' and opt to receive an alert to your phone if your child enters or exits a specified area.