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Wading amongst pre-historic rocks

Ten Tors Training has already resumed for the year, in the shape of a 15 to 17-mile circuit of the Avebury area. The additional challenges on this walk were the extensive flooding and colder temperatures.

We set off from the Beckhampton A4 layby on a cold and crisp Saturday, luckily (and unusually) free from rain. The groups divided into a quicker and more physically fit, unaccompanied Silver and Gold group, who also served as the reconnaissance party, and they accompanied the Bronze group. Within 2 miles, we were forced into our first unplanned detour.

The Avebury site was, as usual, magical, Adam & Eve, the Avebury circle, West Kennet longbarrow, Silbury Hill and finally, the Wessex Ridgeway and The Devils Den dolmen. It was glorious, taking in some of Wiltshire's ancient monuments, walking through and touching places that others had done so nearly 5000 years before us, and hiking a stretch of the ancient Ridgeway path, a key route in Saxon England. The Sarsen Stones of Fyfield Down (55 million years old and deposited in a small valley by a glacier thousands of years ago) were equally inspiring. Photos can be seen on the JOG Adventure Facebook page.

Water was our main enemy and the 2 students without gaiters only managed to keep dry by being carried across some significant flooded fields and tracks by heroic staff, whilst the Silver / Gold team were delayed by an hour caring for an "injured" sheep and waiting for the RSPCA. However, the sheep soon got out of the hole it was in when the farmer arrived. 

All in, yet another great day out with a great set of students. Thanks to everyone and in particular the volunteers who give up their weekends for our students (Mrs Brooks and Imogen Wood).

For further photographs, please view the Image Gallery.  

Mr Gray