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Care & Support

At John of Gaunt there is always someone you can turn to for help and guidance.

Tutors can help and so can your Head of Year or their Pastoral Support Assistant. They are all brilliant with issues ranging from falling out with friends, right up to really big things. Any of these people might say they know exactly who can help because we have great links with all kinds of people who are experts in various areas.

JOGCare is an area on our website that ‘sign-posts’ you to other websites that can offer guidance on a range of issues that some young people might face. You might be able to help yourself by going to a website dedicated to a particular issue and we recommend Slippery Fish as a starting point.

A warning – friends are great to have, but very often an adult viewpoint can help you to see that what you thought was a ‘mountain’ is actually a ‘molehill’. If it really is a ‘mountain’ then we need to know.

We want you to be happy, we want you to be safe and we want you to achieve more than you ever thought possible

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