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Catering Information

The cashless catering system can be used for the purchase of all food and drink that is available from the canteen and The Pod, the schools ‘grab and go’ facility.

Benefits include:

  • Convenience – no need to look for change every morning
  • Confidence that dinner money is spent on food in school – not in the shops on the way to or from school
  • Healthy eating can be encouraged – parents can access details of what their child has purchased
  • Children on free school meals remain anonymous – their accounts are automatically topped up each day
  • Problems related to carrying cash are reduced – no loss or theft

Each student is set up with an account and funds can be added to the account via ParentPay, the school’s online payment system. Payments to ParentPay can be made using either debit card, credit card or via PayPoint. All students already have a ParentPay account, if you require your access code or for any other query regarding ParentPay, please contact Mrs Booth in the Finance Office.

Our expectation is that the vast majority of parents will pay online, however if parents are unable to pay in this way there will be a ‘cash loader’ on site that can also be used to credit your child’s account. You can pay in as much as you like to cover the cost of meals for a week or a month. Daily spending limits will be set at £5.00 per day for all students, this can be changed on the attached biometric permission slip or by emailing  link to school email

The cashless catering system incorporates the latest technology to scan your child’s thumb meaning there is no need for any student to carry cash or a card. We do not store your child’s thumbprint; the technology just stores a string of numbers that enables the system to recognise each student. The school does not keep an image of the thumbprint and the way the data is stored means it cannot be transferred to any other organisation. This information will be destroyed automatically when your child leaves the school.

Should you wish to opt out of the biometric system, we can allocate a PIN code. However, PIN codes do not have the same level of security as biometric (thumbprint) identification. If you opt for a PIN code, it will be your child’s responsibility to remember it and keep it secure. The school cannot be responsible for money spent via PIN code transactions that have been made fraudulently.

We require written consent from at least one parent/guardian before being able to use your child’s biometric information (thumbprint) in the system. Please complete the Biometric-Permission-slip 2019 PDF and return to the school.

Sixth form students do not require a signature from their parents, therefore, the attached biometric form needs to be completed

Any queries, please contact the Finance Office on 01225 711164/5 or email