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'Read Out'

At the heart of any culture lies millions of stories shared and enjoyed by generations of people. We believe that it is important to celebrate and share the value of storytelling which is why we have created a programme of reading at tutor time. This programme takes students on a journey through some of the best fiction and non-fiction texts. 

Every student in years 7-9 has a 20-minute Read Out session three times a week. In these sessions, students are read aloud to by their tutor. 

Our aims:

  • Love of Reading: nurture an appreciation of hearing a good story written in interesting ways and ultimately foster a love of reading.
  • Word Consciousness: expose students to rich vocabulary, supporting them in becoming aware that words can be examined and manipulated. Creating an environment that builds word consciousness means that we prioritise the explicit teaching of words, understanding meanings within specific contexts and linking them to current schemas of language. 
  • Emotional and Cultural Capital: introduce students to fascinating characters who have powerful stories to tell, often set in the backdrop of significant historical events, so that they may deepen their empathy and develop their emotional and cultural capital.

We believe that all of these things are vital to the education of our young people, to enable them to become informed and well-rounded members of society.

The books selected have been carefully chosen to challenge and engage students and will provide them with a variety of literary experiences. This may mean that, on occasion, they encounter words or references which are of a sensitive nature e.g. racial reference. As with any such content, staff will explain the context required for students to accept these issues with maturity and understanding.

Our aim is to enthuse students through this daily reading opportunity and inspire students and support them in their ability to tell their own stories. We ask that as parents and carers, you can support at home by discussing their Read-Out book with your child, even if it is not something you have read yourself. Further guidance on the texts and vocabulary taught can be found in the links to the right.