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In KS3, students will study Art (including Photography), Drama and Music. In Years 7 & 8, students will have 2 hours per subject a fortnight. In Year 9, students will have 2 hours a fortnight in Art and Music and 1 hour a fortnight in Drama.

Key Stage 3 Curriculum
The Art Curriculum

Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

Term 5

Term 6

Year 7

The Every Day

The Every Day

The Every Day




Year 8

Healthy Oceans

Healthy Oceans Healthy Oceans




Year 9






KS4 Curriculum

There are currently five GCSE options you can take in KS4: GCSE Art (Eduqas), GCSE Drama (AQA), GCSE Music (Eduqas), GCSE Textiles (Eduqas), and GCSE Photography (Eduqas). Students have five hours a fortnight for a subject at KS4.

GCSE Art, Photography and Textiles

Qualification: GCSE Art, GCSE Photography and GCSE Textiles

(Examination Board Eduqas – 

The Art GCSE, Textiles & Photography courses are aimed at students who enjoy developing their creativity through experimenting with different materials and exploring ways of communicating their views and ideas through art, textiles and photography. Students are encouraged to take a personalised approach to their studies and should become increasingly independent as artists and photographers over the course.  Students are taught to:

  •  their ideas through investigations of artists’ work
  •  their work as it progresses
  •  their thoughts, views, feelings through drawing, painting, print-making, sculpture, photography, digital imaging, stitching, sewing and working in mixed medias.
  •  finished pieces of work that have been planned and show their understanding of a topic.

How will I be assessed?

Component 1– Coursework (60%)

– A portfolio of work developed throughout y10 and 11.

Component 2: Exam (40%)

– A sketchbook and final piece based on a theme set by the exam board.  This involves a 10-hour final exam.

What skills do I need?

Basic art skills are required – class work in Key Stage 3 will aid this. The ability to be able to work independently and take on feedback from your teachers is essential to the development of your skills.

What can I progress on to?

Many students who study GCSE Art, Textiles or Photography progress on to study Art, Textiles or Photography at A Level. You could also study further BTEC courses.

Students then progress on to Art Foundation courses at college and then specialise in a degree in their chosen discipline.

KS5 Curriculum

There are currently five course options you can take at KS5: A Level Fine Art (Eduqas), A Level Textiles, A Level Photography, A Level Drama and Music (Eduqas). Students have ten hours a fortnight for a subject at KS5. 

Please see the links to the sixth form website for further information about these courses. You can also contact members of the faculty for further information.