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Ambassadors for The John of Gaunt School

Big congratulation to Ben Wallis, Will Shepherd, Erin Bowker and Ruby Donnelly, who have been appointed to be ambassadors for The John of Gaunt school in our senior student positions.

Ben Wallis is our new Head Boy and has served the school tirelessly in lower year group councils. He has a great deal of experience in leading his peers and younger year groups and he is especially keen to help work between staff and students to increase the quality of teaching and learning. Erin Bowker will work alongside Ben as Head Girl and has also been an excellent role model throughout the lower school with the way she has given to extra-curricular leadership. Erin is looking forward to helping the school raise money for local causes amongst other things. Will Shepherd will be our Deputy Head Boy. Will runs his own business outside of school, filming for local music artists amongst other things. Will brings a tremendous work ethic and creativity that will be of great benefit to the school. Finally, Ruby Donnelly will be our Deputy Head Girl. Ruby is pursuing a career in Law, although she also has her eye on teaching. Ruby has taken a lead in mentoring younger students over the years, as her desire is to raise aspirations for all year groups. Ruby is also passionate about raising awareness for mental health and gaining the support necessary for those in need within our community. As a team I am looking forward to working with them and to see the ways they can take our school community forward.


Mr Dunbar


Deputy Director of Learning for Sixth Form

The John of Gaunt School, Trowbridge