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Year 7 Flu Vaccinations

All went without a hitch!

This week saw our New Year 7 pupil’s receiving their Flu Vaccination as part of the National Health Service biggest vaccination drive to date. Flu vaccination is one of most effective interventions we have to reduce pressure on the health and social care system which is going to be more important than ever this year. Protecting the vulnerable population through the winter months has never been more important.  For this reason, it is essential the vaccine is delivered to as many young people as possible to prevent the spread of infection to those most at risk in society.

If for any reason your son/daughter missed their vaccination and you would like them to have this,  please do not worry. The School Immunisation Team will be putting catch up sessions and local clinics in place for this to happen, or alternatively if you prefer you can contact your GP.

In order for your child to receive the vaccination you do need to give your consent online and the Immunisation Team recommend that you go ahead and do this ready for when an appointment can be made.

Please could you follow the link to give consent for your child to have the Nasal Flu Vaccination –

If you have any difficulties with completing the consent form please contact the Immunisation Team below -  

0300 247 0082

School Age Immunisations Team
Virgin Care Services Limited