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A fantastic achievement from a Year 8 Student

Congratulations to Grace Perry

'I managed to complete my  course on bacterial genomes using bioinformatics to access, interpret and compare sequences on Phobius, Pfam, Uniprot, Interpro, GenBank and then some other global laboratory sites! It took the full two weeks as they had described in the syllabus and then the course assessment at the end, you had to have at least 90% of the activities marked in and over 70% on the course to pass and get the certificate and I had 100% of all the activities and 94% on the assessment! It was very interesting because there was a virology professor on the course to from Brazil and some Uni students who were studying microbiology in Nigeria.’


Essentially Grace has been completing degree level work whilst in year 8 and receiving 1st* grades


Grace also completed a Silver CREST award, she actually went in for a bronze but her work was of such a high quality CREST increased it to a Silver.