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04. Choices at 18

When you leave Year 13, you have many choices available to you.  Lots of our students continue their studies at places of Higher Education - if you're interested in doing this, please look at the information specifically on Higher Education.  However, there are lots of other options including: employment, apprenticeships, starting up your own business, GAP years and voluntary work.  

On this page you'll find a range of websites to support your searches. If you'd like to follow up your research with a chat, please do talk to any of the Post 16 team or our school careers staff. 

Happy researching - there are so many exciting opportunities out there.

CareerPilot Choices at 18


Job Hunting & Apprenticeships, including starting a business

Amazing Apprenticeships – Vacancy Snapshot

Work Wiltshire -

Start your own business in Wiltshire -

Setting up a business -

Volunteering and Gap Year

What to do in a Gap year and should I take one?

Volunteer – home or away?