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11. Work Experience & Virtual Work Experience opportunities

Work experience and encounters with employers is vital for young people to find out more about their own career journey.  For this reason, our school ensure that year ten and year twelve students take part in work experience in July. Support is given to prepare for these placements during PSHE lessons, assemblies as well as tutor time. Our young people are encouraged to find their own placements and interact with employers in our community. Handling rejection can be a part of this, but this enables young people be build up their resilience, as rejection is a real part of applying for jobs. 

There is also a plethora of online work experience opportunities as well. Find out more information on the Springpod website link. Our students are also informed of online opportunities available to them. Such opportunities really show that young people go that extra mile to gain meaningful work experience. Employers really do value work experience as well as qualifications these days. To find out more about work experience (online or face to face) email Mr Perraton


These are all the virtual work experiences that our young people could take advantage of this year.