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06. Job Hunting & Apprenticeships

If considering an apprenticeship, it is important to start contacting local employers to see if they have availability to take on an apprentice. It's worth approaching employers with a CV, as well as contacting Wiltshire College. College has a whole host of employers on their books that they use each year, and they specialise in linking young people with employers. It's also worth looking into T-levels, to see if this would suit you more. If you are looking for part-time work alongside your studies, then you need to make sure you do not work over ten hours a week in employment, as you should ensure that you commit yourself to the courses that you study. Take a look at our post 16 and 18 options area on the school website for further signposting. 

In terms of job hunting, it is important to look at local newspapers in the job sections to see what sort of jobs are available around you. Using social media is also one of the most popular ways to find employment these days. Join local community groups on Facebook, for example, as you often find employers advertise their work opportunities. LinkedIn is a more professional social media platform that focuses on careers and jobs, and you will find a lot of opportunities advertised here. You might want to consider creating an account, as you can advertise yourself as looking for work and contact employers from around the world. You can also post your CV onto your profile, so employers can approach you. Some websites, like Indeed, are also created for job hunting, so you could also consider creating an account for this site, or just browse it to see what opportunities are around you. 

It might also be worth walking around the town you live in, or one that is near to you, as employers might also advertise for job opportunities in their windows. There is also nothing wrong with walking into places and offering them your CV and your availability for work, even if they are not advertising. If you need more help and advice in terms of apprenticeships or applying for jobs generally, then do reach out and make an appointment for a careers interview:  



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