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              Are you arty, committed, enthusiastic and full of ideas? If you are, sign up for The John of Gaunt A Level Art course?


We place emphasis on the individual, and encourage our students to use Art to explore their own interests and ideas, rather than set traditional projects. Exam boards have praised our course for the diversity of students’ work.

You will be given one to one guidance to help you direct your studies in a purposeful way so that you achieve your potential at examination.

Special Features

There is a studio exclusively for Sixth Form use, a Sixth Form Resources Centre, and an end of year art exhibition. We also organise life-drawing classes to help you to develop your drawing skills by working from a model. We run a residential trip every year to Europe in the spring term.  We have been to Barcelona and Amsterdam in the past few years.

Entry requirements

Please refer to the The John of Gaunt entry requirements.


Coursework is now done over the full two years with a final exam project in the end of year 13.


  Component Weighting Method of Assessment
A level

Unit 1 – coursework project.

A practical project leading to a final piece


A written study on an Art related topic.
60% of advanced GCE

Internally set

Internally marked

Externally moderated

Unit 2 – examination project.

A practical project on a theme set by the exam board
40% of advanced GCE

Externally set

Internally marked

Externally moderated

Moving on

Many students are successful in their applications to foundation courses at Trowbridge and Bath. These courses lead to a degree and/or career in Painting, Sculpture, Printmaking, Photography, Textile Design, Fashion Design, Ceramic, Jewellery, Packaging, Graphics, Illustration, Model Making, Sign Making, Animation, Computer-Aided Design, Silversmithing, Interior Design, Theatre Design, Costume Design, Teaching.

Direct entry to History of Art, Museums and Galleries, Auctioneering and Architecture is possible. Art combines with virtually any other subject and forms a valuable complement to English, History and other A Level Arts subjects.