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Drama/Theatre Studies



Our A Level qualification in Drama and Theatre allows students to explore and apply your knowledge of the process of creating and developing drama and theatre to your own performance work. This will take the form of performing a pre-published play, like ‘Hansel and Gretel’, ‘Dracula’ or ‘Romeo and Juliet’. You will devise and create your own piece of theatre, based on the work of two well-established practitioners, such as Brecht, or Stanislavski, or Frantic Assembly. You will analyse and evaluate live theatre, considering the effect of choices made by actors, directors and designers. And you will study plays by Arthur Miller, Caryl Churchill and William Shakespeare.

Special Features

The Drama department has access to three large spaces, with a full lighting rig, sound, set and costume. Two spaces are a proscenium arch, with tiered seating, and another that can be staged with more versatility. Drama students are usually actively involved in school shows, extracurricular clubs and theatre trips.

Entry requirements

Please refer to the John of Gaunt entry requirements.


This is a two-year A Level course.


By following this link, you can see the specifications on the exam board website: 



Mode of Assessment Brief Outline of Component
Practitioners in Practice Non-exam assessment

Students practically explore the work of two practitioners, and an extract from a play text. They then perform a devised piece of theatre in front of an audience.

120 marks

40% of total A level

Exploring and performing Texts

Non-exam assessment (visiting examiner)

Students explore one performance text in its entirety and perform part of the text, applying physical and vocal skills to communicate meaning to an audience.

60 marks

20% of total A level

Analysing Performance

Written paper 2 hours 15 minutes


Students explore practically two performance texts on a chosen theme, and analyse and evaluate live theatre.

60 marks

20% of total A level

Deconstructing texts for performance Written paper 1 hours 45 minutes

Students will interpret and explore practically a performance text, considering how to create, develop and direct a performance for an audience.

60 marks

20% of total A level

​​​​​​​Moving on

Drama is highly regarded by Universities. The A Level drama course provides students the opportunity to develop many skills suitable for further study at degree level. Many students go on to study Drama at University, or go to a drama or theatre school. A Level Drama provides a great foundation for many different careers. Acting, directing, writing, lighting, set, sound, costume, tech and more are all aspects of theatre you could explore as part of this course. An A Level in drama could then also lead to careers in law, teaching, therapy, sales and marketing, travel, fashion etc.