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Year 7 Spotlight

This week our spotlight falls on 7D, who are not only continuously modelling one of our core values of Respect, but have a combined achievement point score of 3835! The best conduct in Year 7 – well done 7D!

Mrs Poole was quick to share that she always loves goodbyes and thank you at the end of the lesson, which is lovely for us as a Year Team to hear. The whole tutor has been really keen to get involved in feedback and discussion in Religious Education and special mentions go to Ben, Reece, Daniel, Alisa, A-D and Ethan.

Mrs Addecott was quick to name Ben G, Daniel, Marco, Reece, Lily-May, Eleanor, Bogdan, Zak, Cyrus and Jack T as her History superstars (she had a tough time deciding because she thinks the whole group are fab!), whilst Ms Taylor wanted to share that 7D have been brilliant fun to work with and interacted very well whilst working remotely.  They have been focussed, asked amazing questions in lesson and worked very hard.

Meanwhile Mr Powell has been very impressed with 7D and their approach to live lessons, with Eleanor, Valentina, Sicily, Zak, Lucy, and Lily standing out in Geography; whilst they cover Tropical Rainforests and complete a study on Africa.

Miss Regan wanted to share that the whole group have made some excellent contributions over the last few lessons! Yesterday we began reading a play called ‘Ernie’s Incredible Illucinations’ and her volunteers did fantastically at reading the script, some even putting on different accents and voices! These wonderful actors include Fynn, Leah and Bartosz. Brilliant work!

In tutor time Daniel has expressed a wish to start a constellation club, so please keep an eye out for this in both the newsletter and during tutor time. We can’t wait to see how constellation club get on and are so proud that our students are keen to share and expand their interests!

A big congratulations to 7D for all their hard work this first week back and for their continued commitment to remote learning, we look forward to seeing you all in school when it is safe to do so!

Mrs Addison, Mrs Stewart, Miss Wood and Dr Clayton.