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Book of the Week

Toffee by Sarah Crossan

Allison has run away from home, and with nowhere to live, finds herself hiding out in the shed of what she thinks is an abandoned house. But the house isn't empty. An elderly woman named Marla, with dementia, lives there – and she mistakes Allison for an old friend from her past called Toffee.

Allison is used to hiding who she really is, and trying to be what other people want her to be. And so, Toffee is who she becomes. After all, it means she has a place to stay. There are worse places she could be.

But as their bond grows, and Allison discovers how much Marla needs a real friend, she begins to ask herself - where is home? What is a family? And most importantly, who am I, really?

In the past two weeks I have been talking to Y7 and Y8 about books written in free verse. They have become so popular there isn’t a single copy left in the library! On Thursday, I read the beginning of Toffee to one of my chattier Y8 classes. When I was reading, you could hear a pin drop and when I stopped, they asked for more! This – added with the fact this is one of my favourite books – makes it an obvious choice for book of the week!

Happy Reading!

Mrs Bruton